AdelTrade, gaming the financial markets!

Learn, earn and have fun as you compete against others to generate the best returns in the financial markets

What is AdelTrade

AdelTrade is an online competitive gaming platform that focuses on financial markets. Anyone can join and participate in virtual trading with other competitors in financial trading in real-time with other competitors.


How To Start

  1. Register to Adel portal. 
  2. Set up your Profile
  3. Download the App
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How to Play

  1. Sign up for the trading tournament
  2. Compete with other players in the market
  3. See how your strategy works in real-time without risk
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What is AdelTrade

AdelTrade is the first and only skills game platform that allows traders and players to compete with each other in all available markets. With no risk and with clear terms & conditions, it’s easy to get started, all you need to do is register on our portal Once your email is confirmed and your profile is set up, you can join and trade in any competition. You can also download our mobile app.

How to play

To play in our competition you will need to log in to our portal at and go to AdelTrade menu. There you can sign up for the competition you like. Each competition has an entry fee and funds go towards the prize pool.

Competition trading is done with virtual money, so there is no danger of losing anything other than the entry fee. All users receive equal funds in virtual USD. The trading conditions are the same as they would be with real accounts and the price feed is identical to major exchanges for cryptocurrencies or brokerages in the case of stocks, ETF’s and commodities. The top 3 users with the highest equity after the tournament ends are declared the winners. If there are more users with the same equity at the end of the tournament, the reward is split among them. 

At the end of each tournament, the winners are announced and users can check the results on the leaderboards.



  • No risk trading
  • Trade on multiple markets (crypto, stocks, forex, ETF’s...)
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Online chatrooms to discuss investment strategies
  • Real-time leader boards ranking contestants
  • Investment news feeds