Gamified trading.

Join contests, trade with stocks, crypto and forex on real market data, and win real money!

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How it works

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Join the platform

Join to Adel portal ecosystem to reach the potential of AdelTrade. Registration is free, allows you to join competitions, connect with a community of trades and get to the source of trading study material.

Step 2

Enter the contests

We generate many monthly contests with specific settings. Some with free entry some are paid with better rewards. Join the ones you find most interesting and focus on the highest possible gains.

Step 3

Trade smartly

All users receive equal funds in virtual USD. The trading conditions are identical to major exchanges for cryptos or brokerages in the case of stocks, ETF’s and commodities.

Step 4

Win real money!

Competition trading is done with virtual money, so there is no danger of losing anything other than the entry fee. The rewards can be 10x, 20x, or more.

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