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Trading Animals: Traders, What Is Your Spirit Animal?

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Jonathan Henault Mar 08, 2022

There are definitely two ways of discovering what is your spirit animal: either you can stay two days alone and naked in the middle of nature with just a knife and hope you won’t die right away, or you can take the safe road by reading our very serious study about the trading animals. What will it be?

Cherry on the cake, you can use this article the other way around: depending on what your favorite is among these 10 classic spirit animals, discover what kind of traders you will be in 2022! 

Traders Animals - Butterfly

The Butterfly

The butterfly is believed to be one of the most symbolic signs of transformation. When it flies in your life, it might be a sign you need profound changes and perpetual movement. The Day Trading and scalping strategy is definitely for you: you will constantly change the assets you’re trading, hoping to achieve a big deal by the end of the day. 

Animal Traders - Spider

The Spider

If you notice a lot of spiders coming up in your life or in your dreams, it is a reminder for you to create the life you want to lead. Spiders are known for creating intricate webs and patience for capturing their prey, and like a spider, you will be adept at the position trading strategy; the kind of trader who invests cautiously in very stable sectors such as​​ utilities, healthcare, or telecommunications.

Trader Animals - Crow

The Crow

The raven may not seem like an ideal spirit guide, but it brings a lot of magic and mystery. If the crow has come to you – whether in a waking state or in dreams – consider your connection to life and its magic. Follow your instincts when trading, you will undoubtedly get lucky using an unpredictable strategy based on what your gut says.

trader animals The Owl

The Owl

As a spirit guide, the owl represents wisdom, deep connection, and intuitive knowledge.The owl has intuition and can see what others usually cannot see… So why don’t you choose a reversal strategy, trading against the trend and predicting the strength of possible pullbacks?

The Hawk Trader Animals

The Hawk

Hawks are a revered spirit guide for their ability to see things from a higher perspective – to recognize the truth in any situation for what it is. No doubt the hawk is quite the ideal totem for traders, especially for those who like to think outside the box and uncover little-known assets before everyone else.

The Rat Trader Animals

The Rat

They certainly have a bad reputation but are still one of the most clever living creatures in the world. If the rat is your spirit animal, you’re smart, a determined problem solver with a great strategic sense. What about a very technical approach of trading, such as swing trading, trading both sides on the movements of any financial market? 

The Squirrel Animal Traders

The Squirrel

You’re curious, adventurous, and you laugh in the face of danger. You take risks, but you’re also always prepared. In short, you’re the perfect skilled person for News trading, a strategy that involves placing trades in response to global economic data releases and geopolitical events.

The Grasshopper Trader Animals

The Grasshopper

Grasshoppers are innovative and don’t miss opportunities to move forward in life. If you are running into the grasshopper, it may be a sign that you are struggling with a decision and it is time to make a choice and move fast. A bit like the momentum strategy, where the trader identifies a stock that is “breaking out” and jumps on to capture as much of the momentum on the way up or down as possible.

The Cat Trader Animals

The Cat 

If you consider your totem animal like the first living creature you will cross the path in the morning, there are nowadays a few chances it will be a cat. Independent and very confident, you will be a great Trend trading strategist, using technical analysis to define a trend, and only enter trades in the direction of the predetermined trend.

The Hummingbirds Trader Animals

The Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are full of lightness, connection, and speed. When hummingbirds come into your life, it is a sign of connection, playfulness, and adaptability. Wait a moment, but isn’t it exactly the definition of AdelTrade, the gaming platform for traders?


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