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The Trading Superheroes: If Superheroes Were Traders

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Jonathan Henault Oct 19, 2021

Everyone has at least asked the question once: and if I had superpowers, which would they be? Here is another question for you: if superheroes were traders, what kind of strategy will they pursue? 

According to the required skills and mindsets generally established to conduct different successful trading strategies, we have tried to prove very scientifically that Superman’s thing is the range strategy whereas Batman will be the king of the Forex market. 

superheroes traders

Because after all, traders are also kind of superheroes, here are our top 10 superpowers strategies that will work for you. Which one are you?



You’re the good boy of the crew, the ideal son-in-law with a rigorous discipline and a seriousness that confines monastical spirit. Indeed, you’re Superman, and the perfectly stable range strategy is your: over a short period of time, you will buy and sell at a range you identified. 



Flexible and very agile, you’re this young guy who knows how to follow the trend and spread your web in all directions. You’re Spiderman, the cold-blooded animal always ready to pursue a fluid Trend strategy, going long and buying for an upward trend, and the opposite. 



Stamina, discipline, and speed are the keys to a successful scalping strategy, profiting from small price changes and making a fast profit off reselling. Did you say speed? We say Flash, the fastest trader in the world. 



Like most superheroes, you have your dark side. Yours is just a bit more developed than average. A bit crazy (ok, let’s say completely nuts), adventurous, and sometimes even reckless, you’re Deadpool and certainly a big fan of the reverse strategy, playing against the odds for most significant gains. 



For you, everything is black or white. Or maybe actually green and white. Inhabited by your duality, you’re Hulk, the guy who will logically go for the pairs strategy. With this market-neutral trading strategy, you will choose two assets of the same category, then go short on the weak stock and long on the strong one. Nothing that can drive you crazy, hum?



You’re not only a god. You’re the new god, stronger and shinner than all the superheroes together. In Gold we trust? No, in crypto we trust, and in Thor, the Bitcoin king. Or maybe you will like to try out some other underrated cryptocurrencies? 



You don’t have many superpowers, but you have the money, and that’s all that matters. Plus, as a frequent traveler and multimillionaire, you know one or two things about foreign currencies. You’re Batman, the king of the Forex market. 



You’re young, you’re impetuous, most of the time you don’t know what you’re doing, but you do it anyway: shortly, you’re the Robin to my Batman. As all the GenZ members, you will probably opt for a quite aggressive trading strategy, investing very frequently and more speculatively. 



You’re not really a day trader, more like a night owl. It makes perfectly sense since you’re not seeing anything, day or night. You’re Daredevil, the blind trader who loves the End-Of-The-Day trading strategy, making trading decisions very near to, or after the markets close.

iron man


You’re not only following the news, but you’re also making them, quite every day. You’re Elon Musk, sorry, Tony Stark, and the Iron Man inside you will use logically the News Trading Strategy, investing on news announcements and market deep changes. 

So, what kind of superhero are you? Did you learn a lot about trading strategies, or will you prefer to use our very serious trading horoscope to choose the strategy that fits the most your personality?

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