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Summer Of 21′ Trading Competition

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Jonathan Henault Jun 10, 2021

It’s hot; it’s warm, it’s exciting, it sounds like a modern Bryan Adams’ song: It’s the Summer of 21’, the new free AdelTrade competition, starting 1st of July! You won’t need your swimsuit, just take your trading skills with you and try yourself in the trading race.

This time we see it bigger; not only will the contest last for the entire month, but we will also have enhanced prizes for the 3 best traders of the competition, $50 for the 3rd place, $150 for the 2nd place, and an astonishing $300 for the winner.

Now would be an excellent time to try AdelTrade, the gaming platform for traders and the best place to learn how to trade markets without any risks while having fun, and earning some money to reward your progress!

Join us now, download the app, and register before the end of the month for this upcoming Summer of 21’ competition. And if you really want to play with your swimsuit on, be our guest.

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