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Using Stimulus Checks For Investing?

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Jonathan Henault Oct 26, 2021

Some time ago we were talking to you about the risks taken by the GenZ investors and their quite aggressive trading strategies. It looks like the tendency is here to stay. 

A new study from CNBC found out that a lot of new investors entered the market in the last 18 months: of more than 5500 Americans adults polled in the study, a quarter started to invest in 2020. 

These new investors appear also to be younger than in the past, as we can see from the fact that they are far more inclined to use new technologies (63 percent of them use a self-service mobile app as their primary way to buy and sell assets) and social media (37 percent of them use this channel to research investment ideas) for their trading activities. 

New investors use self-service mobile app

No surprise neither than the favorite investment of this young generation of investors will be cryptocurrencies (26% of them are buying crypto and “only” 32% are investing in individual stocks, whereas the “older” investors who started in 2019 or earlier still favor this classic investment (53%) and the old school mutual funds (49%). 

But where did these young investors find the money to invest in crypto? Well, from their stimulus checks: almost a third of Americans who received stimulus money from the government invested some of it, and this number jumps to an astonishing 49% when it comes to young investors who started to invest after the pandemic started. 

We bet that a lot of these young investors could really profit from a platform like AdelTrade, where they can learn how to trade without any risk, playing virtual money in real market conditions!

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