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How to Use Paper Trading to Learn How to Trade? 

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Jonathan Henault Nov 02, 2021

Despite its name, paper trading is nothing related to the trade of reams. 

Also called Demo Trading, which you will agree is a much more understandable notion, paper trade is simply another name for any stock market simulators or stock market games that attempt to reproduce the features of a real stock market on a computer. 

Whatever your level of trading knowledge is, demo trading has plenty of advantages you can’t ignore: 

# For beginners, it allows you to learn how to trade at your own pace and practice trading without the pressure of the real investment risk. 

# For experienced traders, the process can help A/B testing multiple trading ideas and trading strategies or evaluate the assets they want to trade before actually stepping into the real market. 


There are a lot of good examples of successful fantasy or financial simulation software. Still, of course, none will beat the one we have just at hand: AdelTrade, the gaming platform for traders, is certainly one of the most comprehensive and attractive paper trading software existing today. 

paper trading software

As a matter of fact, a good speculative game must meet several basic ingredients, and we firmly believe that AdelTrade brings together all these qualities: 

#1: Risk-free

Since you play only virtual money, the only thing you can lose is your self-confidence. And even that will come back with the time and the experience you will gain by trying and trying again. 

#2: Realistic

All the data displayed in the AdelTrade app are coming from the real market condition. AdelTrade is not a fantasy game but a financial simulator based on real stock prices, making learning to trade much more efficient and realistic.

#3: Comprehensive

Learning how to trade is complicated enough that you don’t have to fight to understand how your favorite simulation software works and how you can buy or sell easily. That’s why we came with a straightforward yet entertaining trading platform that any beginners can quickly assimilate. 

#4: Attractive

Because trading can also be a funny thing, the UX design of the simulation platform must be both simplified enough to facilitate learning and realistic enough to look like a real investment platform or brokerage account. And it looks good, on top of that. 

#5: Collaborative

Whether you’re an apprentice or an advanced trader, trading is not necessarily a solitary pleasure. And it said you could learn more when sharing your doubts and experience with others. Inside the AdelTrade app is installed a chatroom so that you will never walk alone in your trading journey!

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