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Top 10 of Money and Business Games for Traders

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Jonathan Henault May 10, 2021

One of the only bright sides of the recent lockdowns was maybe to give us enough time to play our favorite games. From classic hits to hardcore business games, check our top 10 of the trading and money games we like to play to relax after an intense day of trading, listening to our special playlist

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Top 10 Games

Top 10 of money and business games


1. Monopoly

Everybody knows the cult board game, but have you ever played the Stock Exchange add-on and its electronic calculator-like device? A blast.  


2. SimCity 

The classic simulation game everyone should have played at least once. Useful to gain strategical experience. Did you ever though about building a Stock Exchange in your city? 


3. Cash Flow 1o1

A combination board game and learning tool, very educational, with free online version the kids can play. Built upon the lessons from the New York Times best-seller in personal finance, Rich Dad Poor Dad. 

Port Royale

4. Port Royale

Learning how to trade and being a pirate at the same time. What else would you need in life?  In the recent “Port Royale 4″, you will take control of a colony as a young and ambitious governor. 

Million Dollar Challenge

5. Million Dollar Challenge

Pretty hard but really interesting board game focused on investing, how to trade, stop losses, and more. Based on the teachings of legendary commodities trader Larry Williams, it allows players to enter trades using actual market indicators. Fascinating


6. Capitalism

The ultimate business simulation video game where you have to become the most profitable business in the world.  Old school, but didn’t age. Are you more of a great CEO or a natural-born trader? 

The Patrician

7. The Patrician

A classic historical trading simulation video game where you assume the role of a merchant in the Hanseatic League. The graphics of the 1992 version are fantastic (for the time being). 


8. GoVenture

A realistic software simulation designed to help youth and adults gain skills in personal financial literacy and investing. The most versatile and affordable simulation in the world for business education and training

Settlers of Catan

9. Settlers of Catan

A great money management board game that has a few aspects of investing built in. A must-have that fits in a few words: Trade – Build – Settle. That’s it. 

7 Wonders 

10. 7 Wonders 

This multi-awarded board game is certainly the most interesting and unpredictable card development game.

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