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10 Ways to Learn How to Trade

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Jonathan Henault Jun 08, 2021

A lot of people would love to start trading, but most of the time they don’t know where to start.

Have no fear, we are providing you in this thread the top 10 ways to learn how to trade before getting started. Reading books or articles, follow the leaders on social media, or taking seminars and courses, sources of education for trader apprentices are multiple. 

Top 10 way to learn how to trade

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1. Read books 

Even if you didn’t open a book from the 6th grade, there is a lot of fantastic material that will change your life forever, such as the Market Wizards by Jack Schwager. 


2. Read articles 

You can also go for smaller pieces of content, browsing with your morning coffee nice investment education websites like 


3. Be on social media

Rather than liking funny cat videos on Facebook, build yourself a Twitter account and follow the leaders. Here and there you will grab some very interesting information. 

4. Find your Obi-Wan 

If you find one particularly interesting investor on Twitter, try to make acquaintance with him or her. They are not (all) mean people and most of them are willing to share their experiences with newbies.  


5. Pay for a teacher

But be careful, there are 95% of scams for 5% of serious paid subscriptions, such as or Morningstar. 


6. Look for seminars 

Some credible speakers are holding workshops where you can learn a lot of interesting things along with some quick tips and market insights. 


7. Open a brokerage account

To learn how to trade, you have to start one day. And to start trading stocks, you will need to open a brokerage account at any reputable and well-regulated broker or crypto exchange.

Wall Street Journal

8. Follow the news

Check everyday Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. Apart from getting fresh news on the market, you’ll also familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of day trading. 

Try, Try, Try 

9. Try, Try, Try 

Sounds obvious, but you can always learn from your mistakes. Don’t risk too much for starting, but try to practice day trading every day. Does it make sense to you? 


10. Play AdelTrade

This brings us logically to AdelTrade: if you want to trade every day without taking any risks, playing AdelTrade will actually be your best option. Period. 


Ready to go? Why won’t you create an account on Adeltrade, the gaming platform for traders? We have new competitions on the way that will teach you how to trade without taking any risks, stay tuned.

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