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Hyperbitcoinization: How Bitcoin Will Overtake Global Finance

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Jonathan Henault Jul 22, 2021, a personal finance comparison site, recently interviewed 42 crypto experts on the topic of the so-called hyperbitcoinization – or the moment that bitcoin overtakes global finance.

54% of these fintech specialists predicted this will occur by 2050, and 29% said it could take place by 2035!

This has already a name: Hyperbitcoinization, or the inflection point at which Bitcoin becomes the default value system of the world.

So, will the whole world use crypto in less than 15 years? Well, if they are right about it, maybe now is a good time to learn how to trade crypto, using of course AdelTrade, the gaming platform for traders!

The best thing is that you’re not taking any risks: participating in our next competition, you will be able to play virtual money in real market conditions, and see if this panel’s predictions – they expect the price of Bitcoin rising this year to $66,284 – can all come true!

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