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How to Play AdelTrade Trading Competitions

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Jonathan Henault May 27, 2021

As you certainly know, AdelTrade is not an investment platform, but a gaming platform for traders. In other words, a trading simulation where you can learn how to trade without any risks since you’re playing virtual money in actual market conditions.

To make your trading apprentice journey even funnier, we are conducting regular competitions, the AdelTrade trading contests, where all our subscribers compete for the title of the best trader apprentice.

From a friend or through social media, you heard already about contests, but you don’t know exactly what this is about? No worries, we got you covered with this post focused on how to play exactly the AdelTrade competition and win the $ cash prize devoted to the winner(s) of each competition!

7 steps to play AdelTrade

As you will see, it’s pretty simple.

1. Entering the contest

Once you have registered, you will be able to enter the competition and access your personal dashboard, where you can get a complete overview of the contest. Available funds, portfolio value, current profit, everything is there!

Welcome Screen - How to play AdelTrade?



2. Check the news

Of course, you have your own sources of information. Just know that anytime you can also access our newsroom to see what’s going on with the markets.

Newsroom - How to play AdelTrade?


3. Choose your assets

Thanks to our internal search box, select the assets you would like to trade now. The dashboard will give you access instantaneously to the latest price of the asset, to choose between Stock, Crypto, or Forex – and commodities of course.

How to Play Adeltrade Trading Competition - assets


4. Place your order

After setting up your Stop Loss and Take Profit limits, select the number of assets you would like to buy, and simply place your order. It’s that simple! Looks like Dogecoin is going up again, now…

How to Play Adeltrade Trading Competition


5. Monitor your portfolio

Anytime, you will be able to access your current portfolio to monitor in real-time the evolution of the market and decide when will be the best time to sell all these Dogecoins you bought lately. No doubt you will figure yourself what’s the best strategy for you.

How to Play Adeltrade Trading Competition - Portfolio


6. Check your progress

Access the leaderboard anytime to see who’s leading the competition for now in terms of profit and current balance. A little more effort and you will take the first place, that’s for sure.

How to Play Adeltrade Trading Competition - leaderboard


7. Share with others

Thanks to our internal messaging system, you will be able to chat with your friendly competitors, brag a bit, or congratulate a big winner. Now it’s time to trade again!

How to Play Adeltrade Trading Competition - Chatroom


Now that you know how our contests work, you don’t want to miss the next competition. Download the app and follow us on social media. We are Adeltrade, the gaming platform for traders, where you can learn how to trade without any risk!


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