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The Daily Routine of the Perfect Trader in 10 Steps

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Jonathan Henault May 13, 2021

To play a new game, you better understand the rules. Even if the AdelTrade gaming platform and competition system are pretty easy to catch, we wanted to give you a little hand there. 

So we came with the daily routine of the perfect trader, a step-by-step guide through your AdelTrade journey – and beyond! 

A thread 

10 steps daily routine

1. Subscribe

Did you register for our next competition? Visit our app, subscribe, or check the current ranking of the ongoing contest! 

2. List 

Using all available sources, make a morning analysis of assets you want to trade today.

3. Sharpen

Among your wish list of assets, isolate the ones that align with your strategy and focus on them. 

4. Investigate

Visit reliable financial websites and scan business news to see how they might affect your trade.

5. Analyze

Make a complete analysis of the pairs you want to trade and decide on the entry.

6. Guard

Operate prudent risk management by calculating your risk vs. reward, and place SL (Stop Loss) and TP (Take Profit) limits accordingly.

7. Act

It’s time to push the button. Kiss your lucky charm and execute the trade. 

8. Monitor

Survey your trade to see what’s going on. It’s a bit late, but you can still move to your next setup. 

9. Repeat

The day is not over. Recur setup until you’re happy with your daily goals. 

10. Move away 

Sometimes, the market is not in line with your trading strategy. Go out, do something else and wait for a better tomorrow. And don’t forget that inside the AdelTrade app, you’re not taking any real risks; you can just win real money! 


Now that you have read this thread, you’re certainly ready to be our next AdelTrade champion. Only one way to find out, download our app and register now for our free contest vol.2, standing from 17th to 31st of May. $100 cash prize for the best virtual trader of the competition!

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