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Best trader of the month: Wolffang

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Jonathan Henault Jun 03, 2021

Another month, another contest, and another winner of our 100$ cash prize! But who’s Wolffang, and how did he manage to become our last AdelTrade champion and the top trader of our 2nd competition? You will know everything by reading this quick interview. Spoiler alert: he’s not really a deer.


When did you start trading?

I started my crypto trading journey in 2016 at Poloniex, the trollbox. A fun place with loads of humor, but most of the time, bad shills. I came to the conclusion that it was better for me to buy and hold, and do my own research. I didn’t have the time to study to become a better trader, but now I have a second chance with AdelTrade!

How was your experience with AdelTrade?

It blew my mind as you can trade everything, it has more options than most crypto exchanges and includes stocks, forex, and commodities. Can’t wait for the next update. I had no trades going on before the market crash, and I could add new ones when the market had some movement upwards, which resulted in this win.

EurUsd Forex pair

What is your “secret” strategy for trading?

For quick small profits, I go for EurUsd Forex pair, but when I see some chance at the crypto market, I go for safer options like BTC and ETH, to begin with. I am an all-inner at the moment so it can go either way. Otherwise, just ask in the chatroom if you have questions or want trading advice. Everyone is happy to help you become a better trader!

Like Wolffang, try AdelTrade now, learn how to trade without any risk with our free competitions! Download the app and follow us on Social Media to not miss our upcoming contest!

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