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Best Trader of the Month: 3 questions to AdelTrade Champion

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Jonathan Henault May 20, 2021

And….We have a winner! After seeing a Reddit post about our first pre-launch competition, Navist was intrigued enough to join the contest right away. 10 days later he became our first AdelTrade champion and won a $100 cash prize he will remember.

Just before entering the second edition of the Spring Competition, Navist was kind enough to answer 3 questions, and (almost) revealed all his secrets for the win.

rat race

Why did you start trading?

The normal rat race just isn’t for me. I would love day trading to be my job. I put my first bit of money into the market about 1 month ago. I probably did about a week worth of research before entering the market, and I watch/learn things about it every day since then.

What did you enjoy the most playing AdelTrade?

I really enjoyed the interaction between other players. The community as it is right now seems very approachable and kind. It’s a platform that can both teach an inexperienced trader while also giving them some monetary return should they complete well enough.

What is your “secret” strategy for trading?

My secret was intraday trading. It’s unlikely you will make the most profit just by “sitting” on a stock. You have to be trading consistently to make a difference in your portfolio.

Newbies or experienced traders, AdelTrade contests are open to everyone. Register now and follow us on social media to not miss our next competition!


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