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New year, new game: Adeltrade exciting reshaped version 

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Jonathan Henault Feb 22, 2022

While you were enjoying a nice family meal or opening your Christmas presents, the developers at Adeltrade have been hard at work – don’t worry, they’ve taken a little vacation too.

Above all, they have taken into account all your comments to prepare you a new polished version of your favorite trading simulator, including: 

Extended gaming capacities with more assets and more trading options

– An unlimited competition mode for more fun and more opportunities to learn how to trade without taking any risk. 

Buzz eclair

To the infinite and beyond 

Players accustomed to the Adeltrade platform will be happy to find the components that have made it successful, with these seasonal competitions where they can compete for becoming the best trader of the contest and win great prizes. 

On top of our pioneering (none of our competitors have this) leaderboard  that allows gamers to track their performances and score in real-time, you will now have access to some new astonishing game options: 

– a revisited and very professional trading interface that allows you to easily set up your limit orders, take profit and stop loss. Each trade can be also tracked individually and can be executed (closed, opened or adjusted) exactly like on Forex or with stock brokers. 

– the ability to have shorting and margin trading united in one single account, without the need to migrate funds between a margin account and a normal account. 

– even more financial assets available, upon your request: from stocks to cryptocurrencies, Forex, ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) or CFD (Contract For Difference), we are very proud to say we have now the best asset offers of all the trading simulators. 

And of course, the cherry on the cake, you will still be able to use our internal chat to discuss with our very supportive community of like-minded users. 

Neverending Story

Neverending story 

They said that all the good things must come to an end. Well, it’s probably because they have never heard about AdelTrade, the gaming platform for traders and still the best way to learn how to trade while having fun. 

For all those who were a bit frustrated to have to wait until the next contest starts, we have just created an everlasting event that will meet all your expectations, and certainly even more. With the “Always On and Never-Ending Competition”, you can take all the time in the world to hone your trading skills. 

As the name suggests, this event will never stop, meaning you can access it anytime, anywhere by downloading the AdelTrade app on your mobile. But the idea remains the same, allowing you to learn how to trade by playing virtual money in the actual market conditions, finding out which strategy suits you the best. 

Are you facing a big loss? Have no fear; you can start again over and over until you find the secret formula for trading success. In the meantime, there won’t be logically any prize or winners for this “trial” contest, which doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to check your rank among all the players of the Never-ending competition or discuss with them in our internal chat. 

We want you

Join the army 

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning it again, even if you are getting used to it: with Adeltrade, you can literally learn how to trade without taking any risk since you will always use virtual money. The only risk you take is to win a prize that can exceed over 100 times your entry fee! 

Would you like to help us improve our app again? Register and join our open beta competition.

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