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5 True Facts About Adeltrade

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Jonathan Henault Jul 16, 2021

Truth or dare? Well, while we are daring every day to try new trading strategies, it’s a good time for some pieces of truth about AdelTrade, the gaming platform for traders. 5 true facts about AdelTrade should be enough for you to fully understand who we are and how we can help you learn how to trade without taking any risk. 

Discover these five things you absolutely need to know about our app! 

5 true facts about AdelTrade

  1. AdelTrade is NOT an investment platform 

You can think about us more like a simulation tool, a game that you can play if you’re willing to learn how to trade in real market conditions. But we will never take your money to invest on your behalf on some strange funds. 


  1. You really play at no risk with AdelTrade

Trading can be a dangerous thing for beginners who are prone to do hazardous placements. With AdelTrade, you can try any strategy without any risk taken since you’re playing with virtual money in real conditions. 


  1. You will never walk alone with AdelTrade

One of the big advantages of our app lies in its users, a vibrant community of apprentice or more experienced traders who are willing to share their tricks and habits. You will considerably enrich your knowledge by talking with them in our internal chatroom! 


  1. You won’t get bored with AdelTrade

AdelTrade competitions are challenging enough, so you don’t get bored. There is always a new strategy to test, a new trade to do, and a more successful trader to beat. 


  1. AdelTrade is for real 

The money you invest during the competition is virtual, but the prizes for the best traders of each competition are for real. 


So, we ask you again, truth or dare? If you dare, download our app and follow us on social media to not miss the subscriptions to our next competition! Join now AdelTrade, the gaming platform for traders, and learn how to trade without any risk. 

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